PLTs/Commnad Tasks/Teambuilding

Personal Leadership Tasks, Command tasks, team tasks - whatever you want to call them, the idea of all these tasks and their associated scenarios is to build communication skills between team members and develop leadership capabilities.

Our tasks are tried and tested, many you will have come across before, but the reason they’ve survived so long is they work!

We can deliver a PLT session at a venue of your choice with any combination of our 14 tasks or you can come to us what ever suits your needs.

We also manufacture all the equipment ourselves so can supply a full set of kit and a leader’s manual if you would like to purchase the kit and deliver the sessions yourself. All the equipment is made to order - usual delivery time on the kit is two weeks.

You can download a sample of our leader’s manual below, but please note all the material is copyright so reproduction without our express permission is not allowed.

PLT 1 Sheep and Shepherds.pdf

For a list and details of all the PLTs on offer, please click here - you can purchase the kit for each one, the whole lot at a discounted price or just the booklet of instructions for set-up and delivery.


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