Mentor Program

So you’ve done your training course or registered for one of the NGB awards but need to gain experience and fill your log book. But how? If you’re in a club or a group of friends then get out with them as often as you can. But what if you’re the most experienced amongst your friends or are not in a club? That’s where our mentor programme comes in. Throughout the year we’ll give you the opportunity to come out on our group sessions (subject to CRB clearance where necessary) and join us for the fun stuff too where our team get out and play. And the best bit? it’s all for free! All we ask is that you pay the expenses like fuel, food and accommodation. In return you’ll get the chance to observe our experienced coaches, gain coaching tips as you learn and have fun whilst visiting some of Britain’s best locations for riding, boating and climbing.

If you’re interested in signing up for the programme, drop us a line and we can start when you’re ready - how often you go out and play is up to you!

(If you’re lacking in kit of any sort you can hire it from our stores too!)


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