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Any website which looks good, has easy to use features and information will draw people to look at it. But they will quickly hit the "back" button if the information is not up to date.

Avoiding this is a relatively straightforward process which can be managed by someone with a little computer knowledge and access to a simple web authoring program. However, it can be time consuming and invariably the person editing the website does not get the information first hand.

If this situation sounds complicated then we have an answer; let us do the maintenance. All you have to do is email (or post) your information to us, tell us where it goes in the site and we guarantee to have it live within 48 hours of receiving the email.

If you think you can manage the site locally or want to give it a try just let us know - if you change your mind after a few months that's ok, and we'll be ready to take on the maintenance.

Maintenance agreements are usually a fixed fee, fixed term basis operating on a rolling contract of 12 months.

The charges for 12 months maintenance (includes all site redevelopments, new pages, information updates up to a maximum of 24 updates) can be found on the Cost page. Click here to go there now.

Domain names

A domain name identifies your web site and effectively forms your web address. With your new website you will need a domain name to identify your site. 

When thinking about a domain name it important that it can be fairly easily remembered yet also needs to be unique so that if someone finds your church from search index like Yahoo or Google they know its your church and not the other church of a similar name down the road. Hence, names like www.StMarys.com or www.StJohnsChurch.co.uk are not very helpful to you or the people trying to find information about your church. We can advise on different ways to make your site name reflect uniqueness and still stick in the mind.

Different domain names cost different amounts depending on the ending (like .com, .co.uk, .org, .net) and exclusivity of that name, up to about £50 per year. Some are available for as little as £6 for two years. As a preliminary step in all web design engagements, we will survey likely domain names and advise you of availability and cost. Once you own a domain name, no one else can use that name for a website as it becomes your Unique Universal Resource Locator (URL).




Logo and identity is really a bit more than just the multiple page site. What it in effect means is designing for you a logo/motif that can also be used on your headed note paper/news sheet/invitations/info cards etc.

Many churches already have this in some basic form and we are happy to work with this on your new site. However if you don't have a set up like this, or feel that a new image is needed, we'll be happy to help, with our dedicated team of graphic designers, so that your identity both on and off line can be unique and aesthetic at the same time.

Whilst this service does add to the overall cost, you will get all the original artwork files and the logo/identity in several popular formats (.gif, .jpg, .bmp) and the full copyright of the identity, so you may use it as freely as you wish, for as long as you wish.

And that's it. We don't sneak in an ad for ourselves or tie you in to using us in the future - you have everything to go to the printers - so your stationary matches your website. (We do ask that you let us keep a copy for our portfolio, just so we can show other clients examples of our work.)

Multiple page site

Exactly what it says - a site with many pages which can contain virtually anything you want (within reason).

The more pages you have, the more specific your information can be, and hence the less cluttered and clear the page itself. Most organisations go for a multi-page site to organise all the information sensibly. Virtually every website you visit will be a multiple page site (in fact a site is a collection of linked web pages!)

Single page site

Exactly what it says - a site with one pages which can contain virtually anything you want (within reason).

A single page site is uncommon for full information because there just isn't enough room and the page gets cluttered easily. However some organisations do just need one page giving their name, address and contact details (or service times etc.) and one page suits them fine. We have used this approach for church plants, for very small voluntary organisations and subsidiary groups who are part of a larger organisation but need their own web presence.


Correct as of March 2011

Web site design (includes hosting and domain name registration):

Single page site:                                          £100

Multiple page site:                                       £375

Logo and Identity alone:                               £270

Logo and identity plus multiple page site:    £480

Maintenance (12 month contract):

Single page site:                                         £70

Multiple page site:                                      £200

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