Below are links to several websites designed and/or maintained by Pudding Designs. Hopefully they show the variety we can offer, so you can see a little bit of our work which already live online.

Pudding designs has recently moved over to using Macs to design and produce web sites. One of the reasons for this is the not so regular way in which Windows based programs construct web pages - this means that some pages only display properly in Internet Explorer and therefore those users with Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc. have difficulty viewing the sites. The move to Mac based sites has now eliminated this problem but some of these sites were designed on the old Windows software so may not display correctly. Please view all the sites to get a true picture of the different designs and scope of our expertise. The first two sites in the list are recent, Mac authored sites.

A website for an up and coming rock band, with basic band info, gigs, and an integrated media player. It also incorporates gallery photos and downloadable lyric sheets. Made on a Mac.

A website for an independent outdoor adventure company offering staffing and equipment hire/manufacture. Made on a Mac.

This website is for a church of about 80 members with a wide age range and plenty of activities going on through the week.

Use this site to see a possible layout for a church site. Obviously nothing is set in stone and we will endeavour to identify and meet all your needs in regards to having a web presence.

A website for a small business selling original Bible commentaries and study material for churches/small groups. Made on a Mac including on-line shop.


Examples of Pudding Designs’ Work

The links take you to the site of an independent Performing Arts school. It is a good example of a site designed for commercial purposes, but where the artwork, logo and general look were already decided and produced, before we were commissioned to turn ideas and artwork into a practical functioning web site. Made on a Windows PC.

The link here takes you to a small audio/visual company offering sound and visual installations to churches. It is somewhat different from the church design above and follows quite a different look in terms of page orientation. However, we still maintain the two click approach and hopefully the information is easily accessible. Made on a Windows PC.

This link takes you to an Extreme Sports film company - showing latest productions and free downloads of movies. It also offers a blog on progress of the site and other projects. Made on Mac. (old)

The second link takes you to the older version of the site, designed by Pudding Designs but recently updated and had the look changed substantially. The original site was made on Windows PC.

A commercial chemical cleaning company based in Kent - they wanted a web presence for new customers to find them and make initial contact. Made on a Windows PC.

This website is for a youth holiday centred around sailing and windsurfing based in the Lake District. Made on a Mac.

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