This section contains a brief resume of Pudding Designs and some of the thinking behind our websites.

As the world wide web (the internet) spans the globe and provides more and more people with instant access to all the information and services they could dream of, we became increasingly aware of what a powerful medium this could be to communicate the gospel. Initially many churches were put off using the web by the media publicity of its more sinister side and by the prohibitive cost of producing a site that was functional.

However, many churches do now embrace the internet as a place where publicity can be freely and instantly circulated, and many churches find that when people are searching for information about where a local church is, they will use the internet as a first port of call. Be it for a wedding, baptism, funeral or perhaps an Alpha course or children's holiday club, the internet provides all the information required, in the searcher's own home.


About Us

The problem is that many churches do not have amongst their members someone with the expertise or time to create and maintain a web site for them. Yet many corporate web design companies charge thousands of pounds for their services which are just too far out of the financial reach of the average church budget. Even if sites did appear, they are often too basic (not enough information, not eye catching enough) or too complex (lots of menus and options, fancy animated graphics etc.).

Pudding Designs was set up to meet this need. To allow the average sized (and budgeted!) church to have a web presence but not break the bank in doing so. The web site should be eye catching and attractive to bring people in, but also have all the relevant information very easily to hand.

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