Well simply, one that people visit a lot!

Usually a good site has to have the right combination or good looks, functionality and ease of use. Often you come across sites with too much information crammed into one place (even worse if the info is out of date). Some sites have lots of flashing colours/logos (even ads - that's how they can offer you free webspace) and some have music playing as you view.

But does this make the site attractive? Is it easy to view? (or do you need a light-speed internet connection and the best monitor around just to be able to view the site?)

In general we follow the precept of Keep it simple. Why? Because it works!

If you've surfed the web for years or are new to it, what you want really is information - how easy that information is to come by depends on the sites which hold that information.


What makes a good site?

 There are websites out there designed by graphic artists which look great - but you can't find anything. There are sites out there which are very functional but if you blink you'd miss them or think your monitor had gone wrong for the strange things it displays. And then there are the more amateur "I can author websites so I'll use every possible photo, video clip, sound and flash animation, even though there's not a lot really here and it'll take 25 minutes just to open my home page" sites.

Well enough complaining about other people - we strive to avoid these pit falls by providing simple and useful, yet eye catching web sites - put together by a combination of techies, graphic artists and down to earth web users. If you don't believe us or are still unsure, then check out our examples page which shows off some of our work for churches and commercial enterprises.

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