Mountain Bike Leader Training

Venue: North Wales

Dates: 26th and 27th November 2016

The course will take place over two days and you will need to complete set tasks in the evening. This course is designed for people with a genuine interest in mountain biking and the outdoor environment so there is an expectation that you have at least a basic knowledge of biking/technical skills and have a reasonable level of fitness. You will also need to be able to understand grid references, take a compass bearing and follow simple linear features from an ordinance survey map.

The course will commence at 0900 at Bangor university’s Normal Site in the Trefenai building. We will spend the morning looking at some theory and bike maintenance, before heading out for a short ride somewhere local in the afternoon. Sunday will consist of the opportunity to lead a group on a day’s adventure, with each person on the course getting several chances to demonstrate their leadership and what they have learned over the previous day and a half.

Please familiarise yourself with the syllabus at:

Equipment List:

Must have:

Serviceable mountain bike.            Appropriate cycling helmet.

Cycling gloves.                              Appropriate footwear.

Waterproofs.                                  Extra layer of warm clothing.

Packed lunch.                                Hot/cold drink.

Water carrier.                                Day sack.

Knowledge of Highway Code         Rucksack liner.

First aid kit (if trained)                  Warm hat and gloves.


Preferable But Not Essential

You will however require these items to lead groups once qualified

Compass.                                       Map case.

Area map as designated                 Group shelter

Repair tools                                    Puncture repair kit.

Whistle                                           Sun screen

This is a two day course.

Course cost - £150


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